The end of CPD Conscripts – how will you train for tomorrow?

The end of CPD Conscripts – how will you train for tomorrow?

By Beth Pipe

In training circles we often talk about there being three types of attendees on courses. Delegates (those who want to be there), Prisoners (those who have been sent) and Holidaymakers (those who have no real interest in the course but at least it’s a day out of the office).  When working with law firms there is a fourth kind – the CPD Conscripts who are only attending because they need the CPD points. CPD Conscripts are easy to spot as they sit at the back of the room and only break their steely glare to send and receive emails on their ever present Blackberry. Good job we only generally see them in October.

The SRA are looking to put an end to CPD Conscripts by substantially changing their approach to learning as part of their “Training for Tomorrow” programme. They’re doing all of the right things, they’ve launched a consultation document and they are actively looking for input before they make any changes, the problem I fear they may face is a lack of engagement, which is a shame as this is the perfect opportunity to do something positive about Learning and Development (L&D) within law firms.

In summary, they are laying out three options – and they’re looking for your feedback.

  • Option one

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About the author:
Beth is a learning and development consultant with over 19 years experience working solely within HR and L&D. Beth has worked both in the UK and internationally with a number of high profile law firms including Trowers and Hamlins, Kingsley Napley, Bird & Bird and Shoosmiths.