The Challenger Sales Model: teach, tailor and take control

The Challenger Sales Model: teach, tailor and take control

By Kevin Wheeler

It is a commonly held view in the legal sector that the best way to win new business is building strong relationships with decision-makers, listening to them expound on their needs, pointing out how you/your firm’s services can meet these, and then waiting for the person to buy from you once they have trust in your ability to deliver the solution they need. Simples – or so we thought!

The Challenger Sale

I have recently read a book that has made me think about whether this is indeed the best approach, and I no longer think that it is. The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson is based on research undertaken by the CEB (Corporate Executive Board) since 2009 and has involved more than 6,000 sales reps selling to B2B customers. When reading this book, or accounts of the authors’ findings, it helps if you think “partner” whenever you see the word “sales rep”.

The research had its genesis in the observation by the CEB that despite the world falling off a cliff when the credit-crunch hit in 2008, some sales reps were still selling a lot when the majority were not. The research was aimed at finding out what set these high performing reps apart from the rest.

Five selling profiles

It turns out that every

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About the author:

Kevin Wheeler has been advising professional services firms on all aspects of marketing and business development for nearly 30 years. As a consultant he helps firms to manage and grow their key clients as well as to win new ones. As a certified coach with WABC he works with partners and those approaching partnership to improve their BD skills.