“Tesco Law” in theory will be “Asda Law” in reality

“Tesco Law” in theory will be “Asda Law” in reality

In the run up to the Legal Services Act and its “aftermath” the name that came to symbolise the supposed rise of consumer brands entering the legal market was Tesco.

Over the last few years we have seen The Co-Op make attempts to build a consumer legal brand off the back of its mutual status and ethical credentials in its other businesses. After a bright start and initial growth things seem to have gone quiet, possibly because of the challenges presented by a previous Chief Executive and trouble with the financial parts of the business.

Quality Solicitors agreed a tie up with WHSmith for “pop up” legal booths in selected stores staffed by QS members. That idea lasted only a couple of years before quietly disappearing.

This deregulated market is being looked at

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