Technology, the new recruit: how tech can improve your recruitment capability

Technology, the new recruit: how tech can improve your recruitment capability

Believe it or not, technology is a vital component in the recruitment process. Through the application of advanced digital tools, tech can match candidates and businesses together to ensure mutual compatibility. Whilst recruiting is arguably about people, technology helps us to understand each other better, and enable businesses to glean greater insight into their position in the market place. Through a combination of big data, the presence of social media, AI and cloud technologies, technology can help business source and recruit talent in more intelligent ways.

New windows into work life

Social media is a fundamental aspect and corner stone of the digital landscape. As we continue to import our lives online and spend a greater portion of our free time on digital platforms, increasing numbers of job seekers are using social platforms to research and get to know their prospective employers. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are influential in reaching out to potential candidates. Whilst corporate websites remain a must, social media platforms offer potential candidates a window into company culture and ethos: a different vantage point from which to consider your business. Increasing numbers of professionals allot credence to working for companies with whom they share a world outlook [hyperlink to article].

The idea of “companies for good” resonates with a growing community of people. In order to spread the word about cross company messages and activities, social media has been incredibly influential. Platforms such as Instagram are fantastic portals in which to establish a pastoral image of your company culture; one which values people, wellbeing and champions good causes. Whether this is through showcasing work communities, sports clubs, charitable activity or innovative work spaces, cultivating a well-rounded picture of your company is an excellent mode of communicating with talent, and of cultivating a more engaged and excited pool of potential applicants.

Speaking directly…

Although social media platforms are useful storefronts for businesses, they provide a direct mode of communicating with talent; trends are beginning to emerge that many professionals do the bulk portion of their job searching on mobile apps, so it is essential that employers look to position themselves within the social networks, many of us use daily. While

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