Tech Series | Operational Enablement

Tech Series | Operational Enablement

The right tech systems are crucial to successful hybrid working. As clients continue to demand more for less, technology will not only facilitate this, it will also allow those at home to work as cohesively as those in the office (when we get there …) 

Knowledge management 

When teams are working remotely, knowledge management is critical to streamlined and efficient working. 

Making the right resources available to staff encourages confidence and independence, essential for a motivated, productive workforce. 

As the movement of people both globally and nationally stalled at the beginning of the Pandemic, firms that relied on hard copy books without having access to legal information digitally, were at an immediate disadvantage in already challenging times.  

To move forward, firms need to strike a healthy balance between the technological and the physical. Face it, we don’t all take to leveraging technology as well as others. Some of us just outright prefer flipping through the pages of Halsbury’s Laws of England. But if firms  want to remain competitive in increasingly competitive times, they must consider digital alternatives.  

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Legal Guidance & Application 

Lawyers need to be able to locate the right precedents, both within a pre-prepared bank and from documents drafted within the firm.  Often, time is wasted rewriting clauses and contracts, when others in the same firm may have encountered a similar circumstance  before. In addition to this, lawyers should expect a comprehensive set of case notes, forms, and current awareness tooling to be readily available and accessible across every practice area they serve.  

Those in leadership roles are now having to juggle the changing demands of clients and their own people.  Increasing competition means that investment is needed to retain both groups. When making decisions on tech, the impact on the staff and client experience are on equal footing. 

Lawyers want to dedicate more time  activities that are stimulating and career-shaping, rather than monotonous tasks rag.  d, Clients want an experience that rivals that of a child's first day at Disneyland (without cartoon mice). 

Document drafting 

Creating sound legal documents is the basis of all successful law firms. Being able to produce documents quickly and efficiently,  will enable your team to increase billing and provide a high level of reliable service. 

When deciding on a legal drafting solution, firms will want to opt for a sophisticated system that checks for inconsistencies, flags areas that need attention and links directly to other related services will ensure that lawyers are consistently producing accurate, clear and error-free documents. 

In summary 

The new hybrid way of working has, by necessity, had a fast start. As firms look at what is working and what needs attention, the opportunity exists to create a bespoke system that allows lawyers to work faster and better.  An opportunity to provide excellent client service with reduced stress and a more streamlined and efficient working system. 

The key is putting the right technology in place, not only to provide solutions but to integrate and communicate with each other.  

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