Teamwork makes the legal dream work

Teamwork makes the legal dream work

You are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and you have two choices, go it alone or team up? In a competitive market, lawyers are often led to believe that teamwork doesn’t make the dream work. But, just as with fighting zombies, the fight to keep up with client demand and the complex nature of their problems may be better tackled in a team. At LexisNexis, we believe that collaboration is the key to keeping up with the ever-changing nature of the legal profession, and here’s why.


Client expectation and demand


Back in the good old days, before the technology boom, lawyers were the sole source of knowledge when it came to anything legal. Clients had no choice but to put their full trust and faith in legal practitioners to have an awareness of all legal aspects.

With the advance of technology, clients now have access to legal ‘advice’ as quickly as you can say “Google”. The expectations and needs of clients have taken on a new level.


Collaboration is key


How do you solve client issues that are multijurisdictional or include matters that are out of your legal field?

The answer, collaboration. To many, sharing legal trade ‘secrets’ may seem absurd. But, as highlighted in Harvard Law School paper: Collaboration in Law Firms - The new wave of client service, “when lawyers do work across specialties, their firms earn higher margins, clients are more loyal, and individual lawyers are able to charge more for the work that they do”. In sum, collaboration holds the key to success.

Collaborating with others allows you to share knowledge and expertise, ask questions and debate best practice.

Some key benefits to collaboration include:

  • reducing time waste: collectively solving client problems, reducing the time clients would usually spend going between specialist firms
  • putting a bigger emphasis on the breadth of service per client, leading to higher-value work
  • connecting with a community of experienced lawyers – particularly helpful for in-house lawyers who may feel isolated within their businesses
  • debate over the latest legal developments could produce a stronger, more united legal system


LexTalk about it


Have you ever had a burning question but no one to answer it? Your colleagues are too busy with back to back meetings and you don’t want the risk of finding the wrong answer on google?

LexTalk is a secure online forum for lawyers to collaborate. The digital space offers a platform where legal practitioners can ask questions, seek support, collaborate and connect with a community of experienced lawyers.

The platform takes away the taboo of sharing legal trade ‘secrets’, as together you can gain advantage by understanding the concerns of other practitioners in your field. This gives you an instant sense of your market.

As the trend grows for lawyers to deliver ‘more with less’, LexTalk offers a way to see what other lawyers are doing and will help give you the confidence to know you are implementing best practice.

Whether it’s fighting a zombie apocalypse or tackling the ever-growing complex nature of client problems and demand, teamwork has never been more appealing.

To learn more about what LexTalk has to offer click here.

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