Risking Your Brand: the Co-op and the law

Risking Your Brand: the Co-op and the law

In a fascinating article on the Co-op’s entry into legal services, Mark Stobbs looks at what the move means for the legal profession and the Co-op itself.

Stobbs acknowledges that there are challenges ahead. One problem for the Co-op is its brand positioning. Stobbs, quite rightly, asks: “If I shopped at the Co-op, I wonder if I would continue to do so if I found it writing me unpalatable letters on behalf of my estranged partner.”

At this stage, I should make a declaration of interest. I have a Co-op membership card, bank with smile, the Co-op’s online bank, got the family will from them, shop with them and have just become a user of their energy service.

The Co-operative group consists o

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