Revolutionising information pathways

Revolutionising information pathways

Karen Waldron, Product Development Director, LexisNexis

Dani McCormick, Director of Solutions, LexisNexis

At the recent BIALL 2019 conference, Karen Waldron and Dani McCormick from LexisNexis presented a plenary session, exploring how LexisNexis has continuously evolved its content to meet the needs of the modern legal world.

As an ethos, LexisNexis aspires to be the partner of choice, by providing on platform and off platform solutions that enable your success.

Karen highlighted how this underpins everything we do and is reflected in the way we shape our content and solutions.

Journey of innovation

In making the transition from legal publisher to technology partner, it’s been essential for LexisNexis to listen to the changing needs of customer and be reactive to feedback. Karen and Dani shared the story of the LexisLibrary launch 15 years ago illustrating how the organisation has adopted a more customer centric approach.

When LexisLibrary was initially launched, the main emphasis was on the quality and breath of content rather than end user needs. As a result, the tool had vast amounts of content but end users struggled to find what they needed. This helped us realise it was essential to look at content in the context of its use rather than in isolation.

To address this challenge, the team at LexisNexis started running user groups, and began by asking end users ‘what do you do?’. This enabled the team to pull apart the content and understand the user context. The intelligence resulted in task flows which showed the pathways end users took through the content. Dani added that she was one of the lawyers who took part in these user groups before she joined LexisNexis.

This was huge exercise in customer insights, with 2.5k conversations taking place, 1.5k of which were purely about understanding at a granular level what our customers do on a day-by-day basis. Mapping this out showed the sheer volume of data and processes required to complete tasks and we made it our mission to simplify this for our end users. Focusing on improving and streamlining those pathways within the online experience was key to the subsequent design and development of Lexis services.

An agile approach

While our content has evolved, our core offering has not changed, but has been supplemented by additional layers of value. In thinking of the purpose of our services, we have

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