Proofreading – why are law firms putting their clients at risk?

Proofreading – why are law firms putting their clients at risk?

By Sarah Plaka

A recent report by LexisNexis found that in a random sample of “proofread” legal documents 90% contained errors.

I expect this won’t come as a surprise, as a LexisNexis survey of over 100 top UK law firms revealed 66% of lawyers felt they were under too much time pressure to proofread properly; and 33% admitted to having skipped proofreading tasks when creating or reviewing documents due to lack of time.

In fact, it found that not only do many lawyers skip proofreading steps to save time in a high-pressure environment, but their business services counterparts know this happens and are not doing enough to stop it.

The research suggests that time and costs pressures mean that fee earners are regularly failing to create documents that are as error-free as possible. This is then creating risk for firm and client, reducing work capacity and revenue, and driving down client value.

What is particularly notable is 60% of fee earners say they could do

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About the author:
Sarah Plaka is Editor of Halsbury’s Law Exchange and Future of Law blog. She is Communications Manager at LexisNexis, specialising in corporate communications, content marketing, digital cultures and legal reform.