Profiling Partners: how to identify and develop your character traits

Profiling Partners: how to identify and develop your character traits

By Seven Suphi 

The last blog highlighted the need for Partners to change and provided clear areas where performance may be substantially improved. Since then, there have been fascinating and valuable conversations about Partners with Partners, their clients and business professionals. Their brilliant and varied perspectives shall be incorporated into this and subsequent blogs.

To substantially improve future Partner Performance we must first understand Partner Potential because it’s an essential backdrop to the most effective intervention.

Of the many ways of evaluating Potential, we are going to focus on character profile because it’s valuable and under utilised.

From the research shared by some of the top firms Partners character profile are consistent and highlight specific core strengths and weaknesses. We shall use Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) because it’s one of the more credible profiling tools and extensively used by firms.

One of the fundamentals of MBTI is that we are born with an innate preference (like our preference to writing with our right or left hand). This is not totally true because I have witnessed changes in preference after deep change work. However, being aware of the options is essential to effectively leveraging them.

Extrovert/Introvert (E/I)

The first is how you get your energy: by taking action, Extroverted, or by internally reflecting, Introverted. The former like to interact with others to solve problems together. The latter have an innate desire to be alone to think things through, needing an agenda and preparation time.

Extroverts may be seen to be “thoughtless” or “unprepared” and Introverts may be seen to be “slow” or “secretive”. It is highly unlikely that “E” types make it to Partner without being able to effectively exercise their “I” skills.

There is a mixture of E/I charact

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About the author:

Seven is a behavioural change specialist, leadership expert, professional speaker, twice published author, founder and MD of Odyssey Solutions Ltd and has partnered with LexisNexis to further equip partners of law firms to win new business. 

Seven generally works with Partners, CEO’s, MD’s, Directors and Senior Executives on a one-to-one and workshop basis to help transform their performance.

Seven is in demand as an expert in her field and has appeared many times in the national media including being the expert presenter of the Virgin 1 six part documentary series The Naked Office and the coach who assisted Sue Perkins to build her confidence (in only forty five minutes) at a critical point on the BBC Maestro – Sue won.