Practicalities of working from home for law firms

Practicalities of working from home for law firms

Stephen Cates, employment specialist and partner at Laytons Solicitors LLP, explores whether working from home is beneficial to law firms and their employees.

Is having employees work from home a practical suggestion for law firms?

Having employees work from home is certainly a practical suggestion. Lawyers or indeed other staff do not necessarily need to be in the office to have access to legal resources or client files which can be accessed remotely. If employees need to have a meeting with colleagues or clients a conference call/video call can easily be arranged. Similarly, if colleagues only come into the office for meetings or on an ad hoc basis a ‘hot-desk’ policy could be introduced and firms could potentially save money by leasing smaller offices. However, some lawyers and their clients clearly prefer to have face to face meetings so it is still important to retain an office as a ‘base.’

What are the benefits of allowing employees to work from home?

There are many benefits of allowing employees to work from home, including:

  • employees save money on commuting costs, possibly on child care costs etc
  • employees can set their own schedule which could enable them to fit other things into their day which they may not have been able to do if working in the office—for example, taking/picking up children from school or going to the gym
  • potentially less sick days—for example, an employee who may not come into work due to fear of sprea

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