Partners must change or accept extinction!

Partners must change or accept extinction!

By Seven Suphi

It has taken over a decade of research and working with amazing leaders to discover the fundamental truth of exceptional behavioural results. The equation below is a high level summary of that truth. Some clients have improved their performance just by being aware of it because they are able to understand their situation at a deeper level and come up with a solution themselves.

Potential = what we’re born with, including our character profile
Strategies = the recipes we learn, the knowledge and know how we have
Blocks = negative emotions and negative thoughts (eg fear of failure can catapult one to great success and a fear of success can hold one back)
Context = a situation

So in any given situation the results we get (through our Performance) is determined by what we are born with (our Potential) plus what we know (our Strategies) and all that is either accelerated, diminished or even stopped by our internal negative thoughts and negative emotions. This is the reason why there are people with great potential who are unable to deliver (or consistently deliver). Before being aware of this equation many confuse Strategies with Potential and ignore or even suppress Blocks.

The brilliance of Partners today is unquestionable – they are truly magnificent examples of the intellectual capability of the human mind. Even so, unfortunately, their extinction is equally inevitable not because of their strengths but because of their weaknesses combined with the changing market.

The majority of Partners go through a grueling career where they have had to develop their intellectual capability in a specific way. Metaphorically it’s as though they have had to be exceptional at using their right hand. Of

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About the author:

Seven is a behavioural change specialist, leadership expert, professional speaker, twice published author, founder and MD of Odyssey Solutions Ltd and has partnered with LexisNexis to further equip partners of law firms to win new business. 

Seven generally works with Partners, CEO’s, MD’s, Directors and Senior Executives on a one-to-one and workshop basis to help transform their performance.

Seven is in demand as an expert in her field and has appeared many times in the national media including being the expert presenter of the Virgin 1 six part documentary series The Naked Office and the coach who assisted Sue Perkins to build her confidence (in only forty five minutes) at a critical point on the BBC Maestro – Sue won.