Now is not the time to be timid

Now is not the time to be timid

Being responsible for law firm marketing and business development is difficult enough at the best of times but during the last few years, especially at the height of the recession, holding down such a position has been particularly challenging. Fear of redundancy, less budget to work with (much less in many cases), marketing departments with fewer staff and more demanding partners, who themselves have been under enormous pressure to keep the profits rolling in, have contributed to an environment where many marketers have been focusing purely on survival.

Generally, firms have taken a cautious approach to investments in marketing during this period, not wanting to spend much money and loathed to try new ideas for fear of these failing. Sadly, what a lot of firms actually needed was to be a bit braver by investing more, for example, by getting independent, objective feedback from their key clients and using this to build stronger relationships and generate greater revenue flows.

Now, however, with the economic recovery on a firm(ish) footing (certainly in the United Kingdom) it is time for many firms to stop being so timid, to stick their heads above the parapet and to start ensuring that they are investing in those marketing and business development practices which will have a positive long term impact.

Too many law firms re

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Kevin Wheeler has been advising professional services firms on all aspects of marketing and business development for nearly 30 years. As a consultant he helps firms to manage and grow their key clients as well as to win new ones. As a certified coach with WABC he works with partners and those approaching partnership to improve their BD skills.