Not so much “Pimp My Ride” – more “Niche My Market”

Not so much “Pimp My Ride” – more “Niche My Market”

By Kim Tasso

I suspect that few lawyers will own up to watching the US TV programme “Pimp my ride” where cars are given the full bling treatment for everyone to admire. You could think of lawyers “pimping their ride”. They hone (shine) their specialist skills so that they become top of their game for others to look to in wonder.

But it’s inward looking and rather misses the point in today’s market. All good lawyers have pimped their ride. So the issue is where you drive your pimped up car – or lawyer – in order to attract the right sort of attention from the right sort of clients? You may be the very best lawyer in a particular field of expertise but if clients don’t know about you or can’t find you then your time sheet will remain empty. You need a “go to market” strategy – and it’s linked to your positioning.

Marketing starts on the outside. It considers the market and the emerging needs of clients. Then it moulds or creates a product or service to meet those needs whilst making a profit. And in this day and age, you need to focus on a specific segment of the market – both so that you can achieve some space between you and the competition and also because what underpins today’s successful marketing – unless you are one of the biggest players in the market with almost unlimited resources – is niches.

As it happens, most contemporary business writers (eg

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About the author:
Kim Tasso BA(Hons) DipM FCIM MCIJ MBA is the managing director of RedStarKim Ltd. She is an independent management consultant, specialising in the professional services sector, with over 20 years’ marketing experience. After qualifying as a psychologist and working for several years in the technology sector she worked for a number of leading professional service firms (Deloitte and Nabarro) before starting her firm in January 1994. She has worked for over 300 clients including: law firms, barristers chambers, patent attorneys, accountancy practices, insolvency practitioners, actuaries, surveyors, marketing services agencies and management consultants. She advises on and provides training and coaching in the strategic and operational aspects of management, change, marketing, selling and client relationship management. She has published a number of books (on selling, media relations and growth strategies) and hundreds of articles.