National Training Conference on Investigating Miscarriages of Justice 2018

National Training Conference on Investigating Miscarriages of Justice 2018

The National Training Conference for students and other independent investigators starts tomorrow. These are people who are reviewing cases of people in prison who claim to be innocent of the crimes of which they were convicted.

What are Innocence Projects?

Undergraduate students working in pro bono innocence projects and miscarriage of justice review centres (IPs for short) in universities across the UK are the target conference participants. They give their own time to help people seeking justice, for whom all other sources of help have been exhausted: private funds and legal aid have run out, and no one else can research their cases and prepare applications for them.

IPs recruit intelligent, committed students and aim to give them the training they need to thoroughly review cases assigned to them. They need to learn how to organise the many files that arrive in their offices, to understand how cases have been investigated and prepared for trial, to find any evidence that supports the claims of their clients, and to present it in effective applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC).

What’s the conference for?

IP students need the knowledge and skills that enable them to come up their own ideas of how fresh evidence might be found. As anyone who has been paying attention to recent criminal cases, nearly all of this ‘fresh’ evidence is already there in material acquired by police investigators but never disclosed to defence lawyers. We have therefore assembled experts in following fields:

Forensic science and finding people

  • Professor Allan Jamieson, Director of the Forensic Institute in Scotland. Allan is often called to give expert evidence about DNA in the UK and the USA. His evidence was of key importance in the Omagh bombing trial.

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