National Pro Bono Week 2016—the lawyer’s perspective

National Pro Bono Week 2016—the lawyer’s perspective

Despite some different procedural measures to find and select cases, a lawyer will address pro bono work with all of the same professionalism as regular client work. As part of National Pro Bono Week 2016, Jess Campbell, chief executive of the Bar Pro Bono Unit, outlines how the service functions in practice and how it is adapting to changes in the wider legal sector.

How does conducting pro bono work differ from day-to-day client duties?

The Bar Pro Bono Unit offers pro bono work that compliments a barristers practice. Barristers know to provide the same service as they would if they were getting paid and so the actual day-to-day work does not differ. Barristers can expect some more administration as there is no professional client but the Bar Pro Bono Unit has just updated our internal processes so that we can better support volunteering.

Where do lawyers find a pro bono case?

One way for barristers to find pro bono cases is via the Bar Pro Bono Unit. Barristers who join the panel of volunteers a

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