Mental health report shows need to ‘address mental health’ in the workplace

Mental health report shows need to ‘address mental health’ in the workplace

The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) has released a study, which shows that 74% of adults have felt overwhelmed and unable to cope at some point in the past year. The percentage was even higher among women and those between 18–24 years old. The study, which coincides with the Mental Health Awareness Week, also shows that 32% of people have experienced suicidal feelings and 16% of adults have self-harmed. Fudia Smartt, partner at specialist employment boutique at Hine Legal, says the report highlights the importance of addressing mental health issues in the workplace and shows employers need to engage in a dialogue with employees to understand the issues they’re facing.

The MHF commissioned the study from YouGov and is believed to be the largest and most comprehensive stress survey ever carried out across the UK with 4,619 surveyed. As a response to the findings, the MHF has recommended, among other things, that:
  • health and social care professionals should assess and address the psychological and other stressors experienced by people living with long-term physical health conditions
  • people presenting to a 'first point of contact' service in distress should receive a compassionate and trauma-informed response, regardless of where they live in the country
  • government and the Health & Safety Executive must ensure that employers treat physical and psychological hazards in the workplace equally and help employers recognise and address psychological hazards in the workplace under existing legislation
  • governments across the UK should introduce a minimum of two mental health days for every public-sector worker
  • mental health literacy should be a core competency in teacher training. This should be combined with rolling out mental health literacy support for pupils in schools across the UK to embed a 'whole-school approach' to mental health and wellbeing

The role of stress

One of the key findings in the report was that 74% of adults have been overwhelmed by stress in the past year. MHF director Isabella Goldie said: ‘Millions of us around the UK are experiencing high

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