London Legal Walk: lawyers don't just talk the talk

London Legal Walk: lawyers don't just talk the talk

Monday evening saw 115 LexisNexis walkers join 8300 others from the legal community for the 10th London Legal Walk.

As we trekked the 10k in glorious sunshine, through busy London parks, taking in the majestic sights of London, it was hard to ignore the sheer numbers of lawyers who had flocked from their offices to show their support.

The London Legal Walk, which raises money for legal advice services and charities in London and the South East, has become a paramount event in the legal social calendar. It’s an evening where billable hours are forgotten and lawyers talk with their feet.

First held in 2005, participation in the walk has climbed from 330 walkers to more than 8000 and has raised in the region of £3m. And each year it just seems to get bigger.

At a time when legal service charities are suffering from significant loss of funding, and huge legal aid cuts, this walk has never been more relevant and important.

The night ended with a street party and Dominic Grieve addressing the crammed Knights Templar pub, announcing we had collectively raised more than half a million pounds.

Lawyers are not best known for their selflessness and generosity – but this was unarguably a proud moment for the legal community, and one of the few times you will find everyone on the same page.

Below are some personal LexisNexis highlights.

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