LexisNexis, the rule of law and diversity

LexisNexis, the rule of law and diversity


LexisNexis UK supports equality, and believes in building a global culture of inclusion, fairness and mutual respect every day. Our contribution to this is through our work to advance the rule of law – the foundation for the development of peaceful, equitable and prosperous societies.


We are all equal before the law.


Read below to learn about this concept in more detail, and how our organisation works to advance equality and the rule the law around the world:


LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation

According to the United Nations, there are five billion people around the globe living outside the umbrella protections of the rule of law. As the LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation, we are deeply committed to supporting the development of peaceful, equitable and prosperous societies, and advancing the rule of law.


No one is above the law—the importance of advancing the rule of law

No one is above the law.

It might sound like a line from the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie, but the idea that “no one is above the law” underpins the whole of today’s legal system and is the essence of the rule of law.

The rule of law, as outlined by Professor A V Dicey in 1885, can be broken down into three main concepts:

  • no man could be lawfully interfered or punished by the authorities except for breaches of law established in the ordinary manner before the courts of land
  • no man is above the law and everyone, whatever his condition or rank is, is subject to the ordinary laws of the land
  • the result of the ordinary law of the land is constitution


Why is advancing the rule of law so important?

Have you ever considered your human rights? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights outlines our various rights under the law, the most basic being:

“We are all equal before the law.”

But, is this really the case?

Across the globe this very basic human right, and many others are being challenged. LexisNexis Rule of Law foundation identified that 57% of the world’s population lives outside the umbrella protection of the rule of law. This equals roughly five billion people who are struggling for basic human rights on a daily basis.

As advancers of the rule of law, LexisNexis’ mission is to reduce this number down to zero.


Press release: United Nations Foundation Honours LexisNexis CEO Mike Walsh with Global Leadership Award for Advancing Rule of Law


LexisNexis recognised by United Nations Foundation for strengthening equality under the law, transparency of law, independent judiciaries, accessible legal remedy.

November 20, 2019 — New York, NY — LexisNexis Legal & Professional, today announced that Mike Walsh, CEO of LexisNexis Legal & Professional, will receive a Global Leadership Award from the United Nations Foundation in recognition of the company's contributions to advancing the rule of law globally.


See here to understand more about our LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation.



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