Legal careers – time for change?

Legal careers – time for change?

Laurie Hibbs, Human Resources Director at LexisNexis on our work-life culture.

Sometimes it feels like the only route open to qualified lawyers is the 'path of partnership' - a route often populated by; long hours, high business development targets and a work life imbalance that would make Margaret Thatcher blush... Ok, so maybe it's not that bad and for those who achieve the target of "equity partner" the rewards can be impressive.

However, for those who dream of some other type of equity there is an alternative that can offer an equally interesting and rewarding career. At LexisNexis we work hard at the business of providing "power tools for lawyers" and providing legal and tax professionals with the best information and equipment available. These tools take a lot of design and maintenance. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that's no less intellectually demanding than the ‘Magic Circle' but is more likely to allow you to pursue hobbies and interests outside of the workplace.

It's not an angle of law that appeals to everyone but it does provide many opportunities. At LexisNexis we have lawyers and ex-lawyers running various sections of our business and in areas that you wouldn't necessarily expect from technology product development through finance and marketing.
The rewards are still impressive but, to be honest, it's the working environment and roles that attract top legal minds to join us. You will need to think differently. For those that make the transition a whole new world awaits.

It is one which combines legal acumen and commercial sense - one where the products our team design have to be sold to ex-colleagues and compatriots - how's that for testing your ability against the best in the market where QCs, GCs and local solicitors all rely on your ability to interpret, summarise and advise on the law?

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