Law in Tesco (not Tesco law)

Law in Tesco (not Tesco law)

Family proceedings involving children where neither parent had legal representation, increased by 30% in the family court in 2013-14, revealed the National Audit Office last year in a report on legal aid.

I see the problems this causes first hand at my local family court. It is both frustrating and upsetting to see people fail in their interpretation of the law, the application of the same and the methods by which to enforce it; not to mention the administrative tasks which thus far only solicitors, practised and trained to deal with, had to address.

We are increasingly aware of the legal aid cuts and the impact of this lack of funding and the resultant loss of access to justice to those who simply cannot afford it.

The fundamental aim of my practice therefore as the Women's Lawyer is to break down barriers, provide an affordable service in which litigants in persons (men and women alike) are supported and navigated through the maze that is our legal system in a method which will create transparency and allow for people to achieve a fair and just outcome wherever possible. The hourly costs of lawyers are a hurdle many people cannot afford  and it should not mean the right to seek justice is only within the reach of those who can afford it.

It is crucially important to me the shrouds of mystery which surround the legal system are broken down. In light of said cuts, it is my opinion the law need be far more accessible, clea

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About the author:
Camilla Khawaja is a legal consultant, advising litigants in person, on private family law issues. Camilla was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1998 by The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, after graduating with a Masters in International and Comparative Law. She began lecturing Law at University College London in 1999 and continued her academic career for a further 10 years at the University of Westminster.