Is social media the secret weapon your firm has been missing?

Is social media the secret weapon your firm has been missing?

Looking for a meme about a goat? Wanting to keep up to date with your friends? Searching for the latest real time news updates? I guarantee you are searching for these things on social media. Digital Information World recently found that our social media habits have us spending 142 minutes per day endlessly scrolling through these platforms.

As we get more tech savvy, platforms such as LinkedIn have seen social media cross the ‘social’ boundary and enter our professional lives. From raising your professional profile, to the rise of influencers using themselves a personal brand, the lines between personal and business use of social media have become significantly blurred.

There is no doubt that social media can be risky. With questions often surfacing around ethics, reports on inappropriate use—such as ‘seriously offensive’ tweets—and the obstacles that arise when separating the professional and personal online personas, it is no wonder that many are scarred of embracing social media.

However, for business purposes, social media could be your secret weapon.

Why is social media invaluable?

In a day and age where doing more with less in the legal is daily routine, having an edge to help you gain more clients and boost your firm’s reputation is invaluable.

Some of the main benefits as outlined in LexisPSL practice note Social media—overview, include:

Promoting your brand services

Social media can be used here to show your presence within the market by engaging in debates and conversations showcasing your expertise. This is a good, cost effective way to shape your brand if you if you are consistent in your approach and target your audience correctly.

Understanding your ‘brand’ presence

Social media can help you understand, shape and monitor how your firm is being perceived within your market. You can get real time feedback from customers and see what services they are enjoying from your firm, what you may be lacking and even what your competitors are offering that you could too.


Whether it is with clients or other professionals, social media can help you find new opportunities and help promote your professional status. It is particularly useful if your networking advances are usually hindered by geographical factors. Having a proactive and imaginative approach to social media can help to persuade clients that you are forward thinking and a firm which understands the current business climate.

Where do I start?

Though the benefits are invaluable, be cognizant social media can still be risky. Having the correct knowledge, strategy and policies are the best ways to mitigate risks.

LexisPSL provides multiple tools to help you get started on your business’ social media journey. For example:

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