How to stay motivated during your studies

How to stay motivated during your studies

From struggling to persevering through your work to feeling like you have lost your mojo, trying to stay motivated during your studies and even through your career can be difficult.

From experience, I know that when you have lost all motivation the most difficult thing is to regain it. If you feel like you are sinking under a pile of endless required reading that keeps getting bigger, then you are in the right place!

Here are some top tips to help you regain your motivation and get your study on.

Focus on yourself, not others

When speaking with other students one of the recurring reasons as to why they lost motivation in themselves, is because they are too busy playing the comparison game.

Fact, the legal industry is competitive. However, by focusing on a peer who has obtained a training contract already or completed all their tasks in a week, does not mean you are being left behind.

Set your own goals and focus on yourself.

These goals don’t have to be as elaborate as rewarding yourself with a chocolate bar after reading each chapter, but they can be simple, such

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