How to stay motivated during your studies

How to stay motivated during your studies

From struggling to persevering through your work to feeling like you have lost your mojo, trying to stay motivated during your studies and even through your career can be difficult.

From experience, I know that when you have lost all motivation the most difficult thing is to regain it. If you feel like you are sinking under a pile of endless required reading that keeps getting bigger, then you are in the right place!

Here are some top tips to help you regain your motivation and get your study on.

Focus on yourself, not others

When speaking with other students one of the recurring reasons as to why they lost motivation in themselves, is because they are too busy playing the comparison game.

Fact, the legal industry is competitive. However, by focusing on a peer who has obtained a training contract already or completed all their tasks in a week, does not mean you are being left behind.

Set your own goals and focus on yourself.

These goals don’t have to be as elaborate as rewarding yourself with a chocolate bar after reading each chapter, but they can be simple, such as ticking off a line on your to do list.

Having small achievable goals to work towards each day can help in managing the stress which comes with lack of motivation. When you achieve your goal, it will be an achievement which will spur you on to set the next goal and so on—eventually helping you regain motivation.

Take breaks

I know this may sound like an obvious one, that you have heard many times, but it is critical.

Schedule in a few breaks for you to go outside and get some fresh air. Take a walk, or even allow yourself a day to just spend some time on yourself. Do something that makes you happy or gain a new hobby.

These small things may seem simple. But, during the stress of exams we often push ourselves, forgetting that mental and physical balance impacts our studies and could be the route cause of a lack of motivation.

Try new ways to study

Studying doesn’t always have to be a solitary activity. Creating a small study group with peers can help you keep each other on track and motivated to achieve your goals, as well as enhancing your understanding of the topics you are learning.

Study groups are a great way to do revision without feeling too pressured, as you are helping another understand a challenging concept. This helps your own mind to understand and remember each concept easier.

Why not take this one step further and change your study environment by taking the group to a nearby café or park?

Get organised

Organising your workload and other commitments can help reduce the amount of stress building up inside. It allows you to see when you have free time and removes the need to constantly worry over the other tasks you need to do.

Always remember…

Always remember my number one tip to staying motivated, reward yourself for everything you achieve—even if it feels like a small thing. You are the only one who has got you to where you are today. By remembering how far you have come and your achievements, you can get the boost you need to carry on.

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