How to have it all: secrets to flexible working

How to have it all: secrets to flexible working

In an era when clients are looking for a better, faster, longer service delivery plan, how is it possible without a flexible working workforce?

Flexibility should be on the agenda for all companies, not only as part of HR’s remit but driven by a desire to create more innovative, efficient and effective businesses. As of 30 June 2014 everyone has the right to request flexible working, although it is yet to be seen how this works in practice.


The number of people who would like to work flexibly is rarely the issue but businesses are reluctant to create flexible working practices, usually because of the perceived burden on management’s time and the belief that flexible working creates inefficiencies. But surely this is just a logistical issue?

To start with we need to consider a few reasons why flexibility becomes a burden for managers:

  • Communication: It takes more effort to communicate when members of the team are not working from the same office. There is greater reliance on email and phone calls rather than face-to-face conversations.
  • Scheduling: How do you manage a team that works on a different shift patterns from multiple locations? You will need more extensive technology, including management tools, to keep in contact with the team and to ensure work is on schedule.


People often assume flexibility equals reduced pay, reduced responsibility and reduced career progression but here are some ways to make flexibility work for all.

Job-sharing: can bring double the skills and experience to solv

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