How law firms can get more website visitors with SEO content

How law firms can get more website visitors with SEO content


If you’re wondering what the magic formula is in getting your website to the top of Google, you’re not alone. A common issue for law firms we’ve worked with is the state of their website content. There’s a distinct lack of high quality pages ranking on page one of Google and bringing them lots of profitable web traffic.

Although no-one knows for sure the precise nature of Google’s algorithm, we do know what it takes to make great content that ranks - we’ve done it so many times that we can identify the important elements.

It’s relatively easy to create content that will generate you traffic - but you really want relevant traffic.  That is, website visitors who are more likely to pick up the phone or fill in a contact form and become your client. 


Creating inbound SEO content


When we’re creating content for SEO, we consider three main factors:

  1. The goals of our content, which will inform the keywords/content we create
  2. The intentions of our users, whether they’re researching or ready to enquire
  3. The design of our content, to make it engaging and optimised for search engines.


Your SEO goals

Let’s start with those goals. Every business is different - as a law firm, our main goals are to generate leads, primarily through contact forms.  As such, our target keywords will be different, as will our ranking content.

A law firm site needs to inform people, which will steer our content. We might consider long-form articles, blogs, or even infographics.


Your user intentions

Though they may not know it, every time a user conducts a search, they’re entering one of four query types.


Informational queries

Most common for law firms, these will usually start with “how to” or “what is” – something interrogative that calls for more information. Think about the value you offer and what you’d ask a search engine.

Run a search and see what comes up. Is it solely text results, or are there rich snippets? If videos appear first, for example, you might want to vary your content.

Informational queries may also

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