Halsbury Legal Awards 2013 – celebrating what the law is all about

Halsbury Legal Awards 2013 – celebrating what the law is all about

By Simon Hetherington, Publisher - Halsbury's Laws of England

The future of law is a big theme. It covers technology, how people work and how the legal profession is changing. LexisNexis is, naturally, committed to the future of law. But it isn’t simply a matter of self-interest. What has consistently motivated our company over the decades is to ensure that the legal profession has access to the law. We believe this is important because it sustains the rule of law.

People enter the legal profession for many reasons. What connects them is a sense of contribution: a belief in making the law work for everyone.

To work in the law – thinking about it, writing about it, making it, applying it and arguing it – is to work at the heart of society.

Society is dynamic, and the law has to be equally so to reflect that. Law is a massive structural element of society, and a major instrument of change, to be wielded both responsively and pro-actively. It is therefore the people in the legal community who maintain that structure and deliver that change.


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