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Hackathons have been a feature of innovation since the 90s and have been an exciting catalyst for change in many industries. From subtle inventions that form part of everyday communication such as the Facebook “like’ button, to pioneering gamification products produced by Cancer Research UK that allow members of the public to analyze health data, to hacking for innovation in space travel organized by NASA, hackathons release creativity and originality from the boundaries of the ordinary work day.

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Inspired by these examples and powered by LexisNexis’ commitment to bringing the legal and tech worlds together, Hack the Change, will achieve a collaboration of the best minds in legal and tech, from developers to designers to innovators, to generate technological solutions to global issues for the very first time.

To kick off this series of events, the first Hack the Change will focus on hacking for solutions to support the many LGBT* people at risk of abuses of their fundamental rights globally, and is championed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Human Dignity Trust.  We are incredibly excited to be hosting up to 60 hackers at the Impact Hub Westminster. Once the detail of the challenge have been set out, the hackers will spend the next 48 hours doing what they do best; solving problems with their expertise and skill.

The tech industry has an enormous part to play in furthering the rule of law as a global principle. The agility and disruptive elements of the sector that brought us concepts such as gamification, cloud computing and virtual reality that have revolutionized practice in medicine, science and trade, to name but a few, can offer new ways of looking at progressing equality and justice.

For the team behind Hack the Change, the buzz of running an initiative like this is immense, especially given the Human Dignity Trust’s commitment to bringing the winning solution to life. This isn’t an event that will simply generate ideas, it’s a first-time opportunity to be part of something that will make a real difference and result in a tangible tech driven solution.

We still have a few places left, so sign up now and Hack the Change for LGBT* rights – be part of something big.

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Amy Carton, LexisNexis Hack the Change Lead

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