Getting to know customers - reducing uncertainty about what customers need

Getting to know customers - reducing uncertainty about what customers need

At the 2019 British Legal Tech Forum Karen Waldron, Product Development Director at LexisNexis and Darci D Dutcher, Head of User Experience at LexisNexis presented on customer centric innovation. Discussing the benefits of client led change, Karen examined the pitfalls of undergoing change based on internally driven ideas and demonstrated the value of asking the right questions. Darci provided an overview of the tools you can utilise to ensure you maintain focus on the end user’s needs.

Avoiding innovating for innovation’s sake

Innovation can bring huge benefits to your organisation and customers, but how do you ensure your ideas deliver the value and results you want?

Asking the right questions and building a compelling story of why something is needed keeps you focussed on your end goals and avoids you falling into the trap of innovating for innovation’s sake. It is important to keep an open mind and don’t assume you know the answer before fully understanding your customers needs.

LexisNexis has a strong history of innovation and uses a set of tools to help build a framework which focusses on customers. These tools provide steps to identify and solve the problem, ensuring the end users’ needs are fulfilled.

Empathy Map

The empathy map, originally created by Dave Gray, helps to build an understanding of a customer’s attitudes, behaviour and

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