Future of Law Round-up - May 2013

Future of Law Round-up - May 2013

Welcome to the Future of Law (FOL) round-up. Your bulletin of FOL posts and news.

Interesting posts from the last month:

Loneliness at the top: managing partners’ scary balancing act: Pam Woldow discusses the sense of service to one’s firm and how the ability to put one’s own stamp on firm strategy and success constantly competes with practical and personal legal practice priorities.

The role of innovation in the professional services industry: The Innovation Index is a project undertaken by FTI Consulting in conjunction with London First to identify the role of innovation in the professional services industry, London’s role as a hub, and the attributes that are seen to drive and hinder innovation.

Like law firms, GCs must deliver more value to their clients: Infocus looks at the role of General Counsel, how this is changing and their value to companies.

Legal Business development: who are you listening to?: Paul Black explains how to silence the voices holding you back.

Do you know what it takes to be a firm leader?: Patrick McKenna has made a list of challenges based on the input of over 50 new firm leaders. Compiled after an extensive series of interviews, the list underscores many of the unexpected demands inherent in being a new firm leader.

The mental fortitude necessary to practice law: Sam Glover explains why it crucial for law students (would-be lawyers) to learn to deal with people telling them they aren’t very good at things.

Marketing tomorrow’s law firm: rise of the specialists: Totum takes a look at the latest legal marketing and business development trends.

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