FOL Round-up - 25th March 2013

Welcome to the first of our Future of Law (FOL) Round-ups. Your bulletin of FOL posts and news.


Law Technology Today suggests that technologists can guide lawyers in the Agile methodology. It discusses how lawyers can try many small initiatives in order to uncover the approach that will ultimately prove to be rewarding. They propose it’s time for technologists to teach lawyers to help carry out the experiments that are necessary for the survival of law firms. What Technologists Can Teach Lawyers, 19 March 2013.

The Lawyerist proposes that the future of law will look a lot like its present and warns lawyers not to innovate themselves out of practice. The article states that there should be innovation in the law, but law practice innovation has to stop when it conflicts with the professional obligations to clients. The Future of Law Practice Will Look a Lot Like its Present, Sam Glover, 17 March 2013.

The Lawyer says you don’t have to be a big firm to innovate and thrive in a downturn. It looks at the lower half of the UK 200 and picks 10 inspiring stories of good practice. Profit on the margins, Ruth Green, Lucy Burton, 18 February 2013.


Business Insider looks at the future of the office. It says that despite the massive changes we've seen in our personal lives from technology, the workplace has been remarkably static. Many of us still work in big offices, in cubicles, and at the same desk and computer every day. However, they suggest that this will not continue for much longer. (A Revolution Is Happening In Offices Everywhere), Aimee Groth and Max Nisen , 7 February 2013.


Hildebrandt Institute suggests that’s it’s a grim outlook for UK law firms. A recent report found that clients are “deeply unhappy,” and firms have downgraded their earnings forecast for the 2012-2013 financial year. According to the article, only 12.6% of 9,000 small businesses surveyed agreed that “lawyers provide a cost-effective means to resolve a legal issue”. The full report can be found here.

Further reading on this report can be found on Legal Futures here.

The biggest brand name to enter legal services and one of the country’s first alternative business structures, Co-operative Legal Services (CLS), has announced strong revenue growth for 2012. Read full story on Legal Future here.


Coaching partners to improve their business development skills: Today’s lawyers will never make partner in their firm unless they are good at business development.

ABSs: react or die – it’s time to cut out the “Fat Middle”: ABSs offering bucket prices will not last forever, but whilst they exist, law firms have to react or die.

How retail is teaching law firms key lessons in strategy: Headlines announced the death of the high street. Why should lawyers care? This is why…

Marketing your law firm: how to avoid getting caught swimming naked!: Playing a round of golf or taking the client to the cricket at Lord’s have no place in today’s more sophisticated approach to legal marketing.

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