Diversity of thought in technology

Diversity of thought in technology

If you work in the technology industry, diversity and inclusion is an age-old subject. Take a look around your development teams and you will likely see a common profile; Computer science or maths graduates, gamers and more often than not men. In 2017 the Computerworld annual survey (Annual Gender Survey, 2017, Computerworld) identified there are only 16% of women within the IT industry and there’s little evidence to show much of a shift from that position.

Having worked in HR in Tech for a number of years, I have attended many networking events or conferences that talk about how we can increase the diversity of thought in technology. Yet we continue to see a stubborn persistence in that ratio.

Change is still needed.

Whilst many companies are taking up the mantel to support young girls in getting into STEM subjects at sixth form and degree level, this investment takes some time to make an impact into our teams.

Diversity and inclusion is about more than equality—it affects the bottom line. McKinsey research  (Delivery through Diversity, 2018, McKinsey) from 2017 identifies a clear correlation between profitability, diversity and inclusion. Where organisations invest in gender and ethnic diversity they tend to perform 21% and 33% better financially than less diverse organisations.

Customer and Team Demands are Going Up

With customers expectation changing daily, in terms of the type of product quality and value, tech teams are under increasing pressure to be innovative, predictive and commercial. The pace of change demands that tech teams keep in touch with a dynamic market and deliver to its needs in a timely

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Jenny Hague is an experienced HR Business Partner who has worked across a variety of industries to build a wide knowledge of how HR can influence and change different organisations. Now having been in the tech space for five years her passion is driving change through challenging the norm and implementing innovative ideas and practiced models.