Legal Design Jams: 9x more productive than Jack Bauer

Legal Design Jams: 9x more productive than Jack Bauer

In May 2016, Janders Dean ran their 'Horizons 2016' event at the Andaz hotel in London. Those that were lucky enough to attend will know that Janders Dean don't do 'stuffy' or 'traditional'!  

The composition of the speaking faculty, the eclectic mix of people in the (invitation only) audience, and the pacing of the presentations - as well as, of course, the topics themselves - all came together to deliver an event that was fresh, fast and fun.

So, when we were invited to be one of event's main sponsors, we were excited by the opportunity to 'do something different' and to actually harness - and amplify - the energy and the ideas behind the event. Working together with Janders Dean and The BIO Agency, we decided to 'go big' and actually run an 'event within an event'! We wanted to add a new dimension to the conference by inspiring and enabling people to go beyond just sharing and discussing challenges and ideas to actually working on workable solutions to real problems right then and there.

This led us to running a 'legal service design jam', alongside the speaker event.

Quick guide: What is a legal service design jam?

You can read more about the mechanics of a 'service design jam' here but these were the key features of ours:

  • 20 participants (or 'jammers') with a varied range of backgrounds and skillsets including legal and non-legal, technical and non-technical, including specialists in design thinking and service design well as those with a diverse range of roles within the legal industry such as Legal Knowledge Engineers, Enterprise Architects & Senior Associates.
  • 3 teams, each assigned a headline topic to focus on: people process and technology
  • 3 main stages: 'wide lens' (brainstorming to identify potential issues to work on); 'focus' (identifying which id

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