Delivering 21st-century customer experience in the public sector

Delivering 21st-century customer experience in the public sector

Doing more for less have been the general theme for the past decade. Whether it is local authorities having to more to commercialisation to drive more revenue of public sector legal teams experiencing increasing pressure from their clients—the effects of the squeeze are clear.

As the theme of doing more with less is not likely to go away, there has never before been a more urgent need for the public sector legal teams to introduce a more strategic way of thinking—particularly around delivering up-to-date 21st-century performance and customer experience.

With technology raising the bar of expectation, it has arguably been a double-edged sword. Social media has opened a platform for increased communication, but also a customer’s ability to complain, publicly. Technology has allowed connections with stakeholders and organisations, but has also brought increased expectations of reduced costs, personalised services and more effective transactions.

Due to new developments and raised expectations there is no longer a choice as to what is effective customer service or customer experience. To keep up and thrive in this ever-progressing environment, organisations and legal teams will need consider how they will meet customer expectations and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Here are some things to consider when looking to shoot your public sector legal team into the 21st-centry of performance and customer experience:

Digital by default

Where customers and users go, organisations must follow. Customer experience and choice defines customer behaviour. Digital has transformed customer experience and turbocharged choice—meaning customer will be expecting their experience to be:

  • seamless
  • easy
  • quick
  • free
  • often personalised

Digital by default is now a core strategy for public sector organisations, so by default it should be mirrored in the legal teams supporting them.

However, it can be tricky. Using the right technology is key, as without a strong understand of a department’s activities and processes, it can be easy to deploy the wrong technology.

For public sector legal teams it’s not necessarily a need to create brand new solutions. Taking advantage of the private sector investments to short circuit the traditional R&D testing and trialling that accompanies technology deployments can be key to going digital. Local authorities, and by extension their legal departments, are uniquely positioned to translate their workflows, forms and interactions using technology that has already been tested and used

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