Dealing with difficult clients—five tips to defusing the situation

Dealing with difficult clients—five tips to defusing the situation

You can’t always please all of your clients. As a legal professional you accept that, due to the nature of your job, you may end up being a metaphorical punching bag, shoulder to cry on or legal agony aunt. Let’s be frank, clients aren’t visiting you for the fun things in life. Often they will be requiring your help with issues such as will drafting, getting a divorce or selling a business. However difficult clients may be, managing the relationship can be vital! Disagreeable clients may lead to not being paid and a negligence claim, or even potential referrals to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). To help you keep your cool and overcome potential challenges with your clients, we’ve outlined our five top tips.

1. Avoidance

This one may appear obvious, but by avoiding dealing with difficult clients from the beginning you can easily avoid any future discrepancies. Although you may be looking to hit fee targets, do not be afraid to turn down a client if they reveal things such as:

  • ‘You’ll be the third set of lawyers that I have used’
  • ‘My other lawyers were incompetent idiots’
  • ‘I’m suing my previous lawyer’

In these instances, you may want to get a second opinion from a colleague or do a Google search to see if there’s any previo

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