Coronavirus – What’s the impact on the legal profession?

Coronavirus – What’s the impact on the legal profession?


A round-up of LexisNexis' latest articles supporting the legal sector through Covid-19 changes. 

The articles cover various issues such as: flexible working, the impacts on the financial services sector, the FTSE 350, restructuring and insolvency, corporate financial performance, remote working and much more.

Please see our dedicated Covid-19 blog for more of the latest content. 


LexisNexis COVID-19 round up

The practice areas that are growing and declining as a result of COVID-19

How has COVID-19 impacted the legal profession? Read the latest LexisNexis Gross Legal Product (GLP) Index - our evidence-based framework that evaluates legal growth and demand to help the legal industry measure its performance during the pandemic.  

How the construction industry might survive the coronavirus

Senior construction lawyer, RIchard Sage, gives his thoughts on how the construction industry is likely to be affected by the pandemic. Richard has substantial advocacy experience, and regularly appears in the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.

What is the legal impact of a green recovery from Covid-19?

The coronavirus crisis has impacted most global sectors tremendously. With increased home-working, fewer travel trips made, and supply chains disrupted, the impact on the environment has been visible across the world.

What have governments and bodies said about a green recovery from Covid-19? What legal and regulatory changes might we see post-Covid-19 in the UK? Violet O'Gorman, Editor at LexisNexis, investigates.

Digitisation of the Courts: Could Covid-19 be the catalyst needed for change?

In recent years, the judicial system been at the centre of a struggle between preserving its renowned traditional system, and mounting pressure for it to modernise - to keep up with the huge technological advances of the society that it serves. Written by Violet O'Gorman, Editor at LexisNexis. 

WFH: Thriving in the new norm

Gemma Hamshar, Senior Engagement Manager at LexisNexis spoke with, Neil Smith, a LexisNexis alumni and Legal Operations specialist, about his experience of working from home both before and during the virus outbreak.

They discuss commonplace attitudes towards home-working, its benefits and pitfalls, tips for thriving in what is for many a completely new working environment and whether this could all change the working from home landscape in the future. 

The move to working from home—Could this change the way we think about working? Q&A with Sophie Gould, F-Lex

Hannah Thompson, LexisNexis content manager, interviews Sophie Gould, head of learning and development at F-lex Legal, and former head of In-House for LexisNexis. They discuss home working in lockdown, and what the future holds for flexi-working in the legal sector. 

Mind mental health charity—5 tips for keeping up mental health while at home

Comments from the Head of Information at mental health charity, Mind, on navigating the new stresses and struggles of working from home during the pandemic. 

Coronavirus and triggering a force majeure: What are my options?

Electra Japonas, CEO of challenger law firm, The Law Boutique, writes her response to the force majeure issue. She looks at what the practical impacts are how you can protect yourself in the future from its effects.

Coronavirus, remote working and the virtual law firm

Businesses globally are being severely impacted by Coronavirus, as the UK creeps further towards full lockdown many companies are actioning work from home policies to minimise the potential business impact.

With this in mind, we review remote working for the legal profession and the rise of the virtual law firm.

Luca Enriques, Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Oxford, discusses whether shutting down the Italian stock exchange would help in this time of market disruption due coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis—Is keeping calm & carrying on enough?

Industry expert, Peter JM Declercq of DCQ Legal looks at what the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis means for those working in the restructuring & insolvency (R&I) sector.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—What does it mean for financial services?

LexisNexis financial services expert, Chris Bernard discusses what the outbreak of COVID-19 means for financial services in the UK and EU and surveys the regulatory response so far.

FTSE 350 quarterly update: Coronavirus causes shake up

With increased travel restrictions to attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19, the travel industry has seen a significant effect. This article considers the fall in share prices and gives and overview of what is planned to combat this.

COVID-19 impact on restructuring and insolvency

With various company failures around the world due to COVID-19, how might it affect the restructuring and insolvency arena over the coming months?

Coronavirus and corporate financial performance

With the continued increase in the incidence and geographical range of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, global markets have responded as investor concern continues to rise.

In this article we discuss the corporate and financial impact the virus is having around the world.


LexisNexis blogs will be providing further updates on COVID-19's impact on the profession as the situation further unfolds. Please see our Covid-19 blog for more content. 


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