Back to school: Top 5 autumn reads

Back to school: Top 5 autumn reads

With the last day of summer hot on our heels, we’ve looked back at our top 5 summer reads on the Future of Law for you this autumn. From helping you stay GDPR compliant to showing that legal tech doesn’t always have to be feared, we’ve spent the summer finding the solutions to your everyday legal challenges.

See below for a summary of our top picks…


The future of law: 4 ways small law firms punch above their weight

Our latest Bellwether report entitled Is the future small? surveyed solicitors currently working at small law firms. With the research bringing to light the building popularity and attractiveness of small firms within the legal profession, here’s an outline of the 4 top reasons why the future may be small law.



Fear of tech in the legal profession

Law firms that embrace legal tech have been found to be more efficient, have unique selling points for acquiring new clients, and are generally more successful. However, technology in law is more often viewed as a curse than a blessing. Find out exactly why everyone scared of legal tech.



How to guard against cyber security fraud

As cyber security breaches are on the rise - recently shown by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)’s plans to fine British Airways and Marriott International a collective £280m for breaches of customer data - we outline how you can ensure you are protected.





How technology can reduce risk and time waste

In an ever-evolving world of technology, find out how you could be using it to enhance your firm. In a new, unique partnership, LexisNexis and leading UK case management software, Osprey Approach, have teamed up to enable its customers to access more than 4,000 continuously monitored and updated forms with LexisSmart Forms.




GDPR and data breaches—staying compliant

GDPR is a hot topic for the legal profession right now, with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) constantly announcing new plans to fine companies for customer data breaches. As the value of the fines rise, here’s how you can stay GDPR compliant.


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