Access to justice and the ABS regime

Access to justice and the ABS regime

Nick West, LexisNexis Director of Legal Markets, has another perspective on the ABS regime and fears around market distortion

Jonathan Ames had an interview in The Times recently with Lord Phillips of Sudbury. The article is behind the paywall, so only accessible to those who subscribe.

Lord Phillips is a long-standing campaigner for access to justice. In the interview with Ames he sets out his concerns over the changes taking place in the legal services market. He fears that “if leading corporations get involved in ABSs they will not do the work that is complex, difficult and under-rewarded; they will cherry pick. And the diminishing number of high street solicitors' firms that are trying to service the whole population - and in particular, the less well off - will have the bits of work that are relatively profitable and relatively straightforward cherry picked by the ABS outfits. So what will they be left with? The difficult cases, with inarticulate clients, who can't instruct them in a straightforward manner.

"ABSs will offer loss-leading deals until they knock the local high street solicitors out of the market. And then they will up their prices. It is an approach totally devoid of any sense of social contract.”

This prediction makes

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