5 tips for securing a Vac Scheme

5 tips for securing a Vac Scheme

A law Vac or Vacation Scheme is no holiday! The period of work experience with a law firm offers you insight into what life is really like as a solicitor. From being paid to conduct real work, to gaining vital hands on experience, it is no wonder that Vac Schemes are in high demand. 

To help you stand out from the crowd on your Vac Scheme application, here are five top tips for apply for your perfect position.


5 tips to a perfect Vac Scheme application


1. Do your research


The legal industry is a deeply saturated one, with hundreds of law firms fighting over a limited number of clients. But in no way does that mean that each law firm is the same, and your applications must reflect that reality.

Remember to read up on the core values and principles that make up the culture of the firm, and make sure this is reflected throughout your application. More importantly, by understanding the culture of the firm you’ll know whether you’ll be comfortable working there for the next few years (or even decades) of your life.

If there is a particular practice group, secondment opportunity or case that interests you, mention it! Firms receive thousands of applications yearly and the best way to ensure that your application gets placed in the ‘Yes’ pile, is by making it clear that this is the one firm you want to train at. 


2. Avoid basic errors

After days of work on the sam

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