5 things they didn’t teach you at law school

5 things they didn’t teach you at law school

Whether it was so long ago that you can’t remember it or you have just escaped, the things that embryonic lawyers learn at law school are invaluable as one sallies forth into a career in the law… at least, that’s the theory.

In reality, and without passing comment on the curricula of these fine institutions, there is plenty that you do not learn while you are there which might have come in handy.  So, as a (hopefully) fun and in no way useful distraction from your busy day, here is a brief guide to some of those things – nothing like being smart after the event!

1. Holidays = punishment… for everyone

You will get days off – even the stingiest of employers will give you a holiday entitlement. However, if you happen to be so brazen as to actually use your leave, do not expect to escape without the standard punishment: a mad dash and/or late nights to close everything off before you go, followed by an interminable slog up Email Mountain (and more late nights) when you return. This is all designed to ensure your relaxed attitude and frame of mind fades before the tan does.

The easy solution to the above is to not take holiday. The only challenge here is that your colleagues are unlikely to be quite so generous (or brainwashed), leaving you with the last minute instruction/handover/hospital pass that doesn’t even scratch the surface. The sooner you accept that holidays go hand-in-hand with punishment for everyone, the more Zen you’ll feel. Which helps replace the Zen you’re supposed to get from a nice break!

2. What do I do again?

There are an

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