3 steps Law schools can take to improve employability and attract students

3 steps Law schools can take to improve employability and attract students

Employability is becoming ever more important as a measure of success for higher education.

Naturally, students want to dedicate their time at university to a subject that will help them to get a job when they graduate. This is even more the case during challenging times. So, employability is a key factor in attracting students to university Law courses. 

Our recent research, Law degrees: The saviour of UK universities, explores how greater investment in Law degrees can support universities during this critical time.   

Watch our short video in which Sarah Hallowell, Head of Academic Marketing, summarises how Law schools can improve employability outcomes and attract more students.


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To discover more insights into how you can leverage your Law course to help guide investment, read the report.


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Sarah leads marketing for the Academic and Bar legal communities at LexisNexis. She is passionate about customer-centric marketing and delivering data-based insights to help clients get the best use out of LexisNexis solutions and products, and ensure they succeed in their roles.

Prior to her role at LexisNexis, Sarah specialised in delivering large B2B marketing programmes across a number of industries, including Financial Services, Technology and Manufacturing.