20 essential questions to consider before moving to the Cloud

20 essential questions to consider before moving to the Cloud

By Alex Hobbs at BackBone

Strategic questions – which option will your business benefit from most?

1. Which option could save you the most money in the long term?

Over time, moving your operations across to a cloud (or hybrid) platform could work out more expensive. Having said that, convenience is a major factor, and it isn’t all about cost. Bear in mind the cloud offers you lots of operational options that can vastly outweigh these costs.

2. Which option gives you the greatest operational flexibility?

Cloud options provide you with the flexibility to scale up or down as your business demands. As you only pay for the services and applications you use, usually on a per-user, per month basis, you can cut your cloth to suit your needs. The majority of on-premise networks are under-utilised; excess software licences often remain unused, storage arrays are left unfilled, local IT resource is underutilised and single points of failure exist within your environment.

A further option exists, whereby you create a hybrid cloud infrastructure to manage workloads that are pre-disposed to cloud (commoditised, low value items), combined with specific line of business services and applications that are subject to regulatory compliance, (managed hosted, or on-premise) that run alongside your public cloud (residing with a multi-tenant host); the hybrid cloud option helps to free a portion of your IT spend, allowing you to innovate and to focus on other business activities.

3. Does the cloud offer you new ways of working?

Choosing to stay with an on-premise infrastructure means that you will (for the most part), continue with the same working patterns and practices: you’ll just be using newer, perhaps more powerful IT hardware that may have some new management features. But, the workplace is being re-invented by a new generation of dynamic, remote or virtual work-teams that will drive new and innovative ways for your company to work and the cloud will help to make this

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