12 days of Christmas—Lawyer’s Edition

12 days of Christmas—Lawyer’s Edition

With only 12 more sleeps till Santa, the run up to Christmas is in full swing. However, with last minute deals to close, contracts to finish, Brexit preparations and don’t get us started on the long list of unbought presents, there’s little festive cheer on our minds! To help stop you from becoming a Scrooge this Christmas here’s our 12 days of Christmas survival guide to keep you sane before the big day. It’s essential you read and consider the following with your tongue firmly in your cheek. 

Written by Hannah Thompson and Catherine Gleave.

On the first day of Christmas LexisNexis said to me: Prioritise and plan

This may seem obvious but making timeline accommodations that account for delayed delivery could be the best present you give yourself this year. While we’re a few decades too old to stick a film on at 2pm, realistically assume that reply time will be delayed—not least because once vigilant fingers are more happily employed unwrapping the latest choccie to have arrived on the office snack table.

To keep your sanity, work out what you can achieve in the time left, and what simply won’t be possible. Prioritise what you can achieve.

Next steps, accept that your plan won’t work. As hard as you might try to plan ahead, you know it won’t work, don’t you? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Embrace the wind-down of the festive season—just don’t stream the film Elf at work…

On the second day of Christmas LexisNexis told me: Get a snazzy Christmas jumper

While Bridget Jones isn’t perhaps the most well-rounded of role models, take a lead out of her book and dig out your most embarrassing festive sweater for Christmas jumper day on 14 December. Sparkles, flashing lights and 3D antlers anyone?

On the third day of Christmas LexisNexis told me: Grab a multi-vitamin

Try as you might, wrapping a scarf around your head, squeezing out the last drop of antibacterial and giving a death stare to anyone that coughs will not save you from the germy cesspit of the work commute. Although we’d like to think shouting ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ may help, multi-vitamins may just be the unsung hero of the commuter/festive reveler/professional.

In December, w

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