12 days of Christmas—Lawyer’s Edition

12 days of Christmas—Lawyer’s Edition

With only 12 more sleeps till Santa, the run up to Christmas is in full swing. However, with last minute deals to close, contracts to finish, Brexit preparations and don’t get us started on the long list of unbought presents, there’s little festive cheer on our minds! To help stop you from becoming a Scrooge this Christmas here’s our 12 days of Christmas survival guide to keep you sane before the big day. It’s essential you read and consider the following with your tongue firmly in your cheek. 

Written by Hannah Thompson and Catherine Gleave.

On the first day of Christmas LexisNexis said to me: Prioritise and plan

This may seem obvious but making timeline accommodations that account for delayed delivery could be the best present you give yourself this year. While we’re a few decades too old to stick a film on at 2pm, realistically assume that reply time will be delayed—not least because once vigilant fingers are more happily employed unwrapping the latest choccie to have arrived on the office snack table.

To keep your sanity, work out what you can achieve in the time left, and what simply won’t be possible. Prioritise what you can achieve.

Next steps, accept that your plan won’t work. As hard as you might try to plan ahead, you know it won’t work, don’t you? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Embrace the wind-down of the festive season—just don’t stream the film Elf at work…

On the second day of Christmas LexisNexis told me: Get a snazzy Christmas jumper

While Bridget Jones isn’t perhaps the most well-rounded of role models, take a lead out of her book and dig out your most embarrassing festive sweater for Christmas jumper day on 14 December. Sparkles, flashing lights and 3D antlers anyone?

On the third day of Christmas LexisNexis told me: Grab a multi-vitamin

Try as you might, wrapping a scarf around your head, squeezing out the last drop of antibacterial and giving a death stare to anyone that coughs will not save you from the germy cesspit of the work commute. Although we’d like to think shouting ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ may help, multi-vitamins may just be the unsung hero of the commuter/festive reveler/professional.

In December, workloads for many teams are often punishing, so make sure you look after your health to avoid a sickly festive break. Multi-vitamins are fast becoming 2018’s must have accessory, so be sure to pack in the Vitamin C to stave off sickness.

On the fourth day of Christmas LexisNexis said to me: Hail the post room heroes!

Godly for their unparalleled ability to manage the festive post of their colleagues, spare a thought for the unsung heroes of post room. As the packages and paperwork flood in, a card, chocolate box or festive hamper as a token of thanks and appreciation won’t go amiss this time of year. Not least because these post room angels have spared you the unadulterated hell of chasing your John Lewis delivery from pillar to very-inconvenient post (depot).

On the fifth day of Christmas LexisNexis said to me: Get in touch with clients and contacts

Whether you’re looking to drum up fresh businesses, renew old relationships or just looking for an excuse to expense a mince pie—take the opportunity to reach out to clients this winter season. This is a good way to let your clients know when you’re closing for Christmas.

On the sixth day of Christmas LexisNexis said to me: Don’t be the first to leave the Christmas party

Because that would be boring, wouldn’t it? That said, don’t be the last one to leave the Christmas party either; tumbling out of the taxi a ’la Bridget Jones isn’t necessarily the most fabulous end to the most wonderful time to the year. The same principle applies to the inevitable impulse that tells you to hop on a table and sing Mariah Carey. There should only be one turkey on the table this yuletide, don’t let it be you.

On the seventh day of Christmas LexisNexis said to me: Drink Water

Drink lots of water, then drink some more. Not only does drinking water increase productivity by 14% but it can also prevent the inevitable crawl under the desk come 3pm the day after the staff Christmas Party.

On the eighth day of Christmas LexisNexis told me: Beware of elf and safety breaches 

You may have a burning desire to cover the office in fairy lights, but don’t let this become too literal. Always check your electrical equipment and follow your health and safety code to ensure the chestnuts aren’t roasting around an open desk! 

On the ninth day of Christmas LexisNexis said to me: Consider the less fortunate

In a season of excess, consider thinking of others less fortunate. The Legal Markets Practice Area Group is stockpiling gifts for charity KidsOut. A vital charity, Kids Out provides underprivileged children with the opportunity for happiness and fun this festive season. As part of society’s increasing desire for sustainability, giving to charity is a great way of consuming less but giving more.

On the tenth day of Christmas LexisNexis said to me: Check your work from home connections

The gift that keeps on giving, working from home should be for life—not just for Christmas. As a result, it’s important to check that your remote connections to the office are still up-to-date and working, especially if you haven’t worked from home in a while! This can save you if there’s any sudden weather changes making getting to the office impossible ‘there’s one snowflake on the tracks so forget that deal you’re about to close, no trains today’.

On the eleventh day of Christmas LexisNexis said to me: Ho Ho Hoard no more

A new year means fresh starts and new beginnings, so set yourself up for success by decluttering your desk and locker. File away any important documents, pencil in upcoming client appointments and get rid of that three-month-old matcha green tea protein bar you’ve been holding on to with the notion that one day you’ll start that health kick. 2019 is the year of organisation…

On the twelfth day of Christmas LexisNexis said to me: Chill out and Relax!

You’ve made it to Christmas and all the deadlines have been completed for another year. Sit back, relax and have a mince pie on us!

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