Good tidings we bring: 10 articles for the Christmas break

Good tidings we bring: 10 articles for the Christmas break


LexisNexis wishes you and your family a safe and a very Happy Christmas.  Whilst our customer support will be away from 24th December (pm) to 4th January, you can access our huge online guidance here (Non-subscribers see here).  To keep you fuelled, check out our top 10 Christmas legal reads below…


1.  The top 10 business development mistakes made by lawyers

The pandemic has changed the way lawyers must do business development (BD); digital is much more important, face-to-face events and meetings have been severely curtailed, and virtual is the name of the game. But although the way they must interact with prospects has changed, lawyers are still guilty of a number of mistakes when it comes to BD.

2.  The future of virtual justice: Is there still a place for brick and mortar courts?

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the judicial process in the UK, producing a widespread and unexpected pilot of digital courts. There had been a slow march in this direction prior to the pandemic under the Ministry of Justice’s plans for digital transformation of the UK legal system. 

3.  Cybersecurity basics: 6 top tips for lawyers to ensure their data remains secure

According to recent ONS figures, there were 1.6 million computer misuse offences in the last 12 months. Although cybercrime affects all types of businesses and individuals, the legal sector is particularly vulnerable to malicious hacks due to the highly confidential nature of client data.

4.  Business development predictions in a post-COVID world

With the encouraging news that a vaccine for COVID-19 is probably just around the corner, my thoughts have turned to the world of legal business development (BD) and how this might have changed by next Spring and beyond. 

5.  How to manage stress in the legal profession

With the effects of Covid-19, in 2020, lawyers, law firms and legal teams have found themselves working from home on an immediate, semi-permanent basis. Considering that most lawyers are able to carry the majority of their work from any location, at any time, they are arguably good candidates to take advantage of flexible working.

6.  Driverless arbitration - Ben Giaretta, Partner at Fox Williams

The most dramatic technological change on the horizon is likely to be driverless cars. Dramatic in the sense of the scale of the adjustment in our relationship with technology.

We accept as a normal part of our lives the fact that we keep in our pockets a device that has more computing power than the mainframe computer that NASA used to send astronauts to the moon. But our relationship with cars is different.

7.  Don't miss our November webinars - on demand

Don't miss our November webinars that are available on demand, including deep-dives into: employment law issues for in-house lawyers, insolvency in construction and more. 

8.   Risk and Compliance Update - 4th December

Latest updates for in-house lawyers around: Data protection, Financial crime prevention and the business implications of Coronavirus.

9.  The Bellwether Report 2020: The next chapter

COVID-19 has completely transformed the legal profession. Significant changes have been made as a result of the pandemic, with 75% of firms furloughing staff and a further 25% implementing redundancies. However, despite the challenges, lawyers working in independent law firms remain optimistic about the future.

10.  Innovation in the legal sector

How will firm leaders need to shape their strategic thinking to best-leverage innovation and evolution that future-proofs businesses operations?


Wishing the legal industry a safe and Merry Christmas. Here's to 2021!



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