An independant Scotland? How will it affect lawyers across the UK?

An independant Scotland? How will it affect lawyers across the UK?

How might an independent Scotland affect lawyers across the UK?

Will a Yes vote fundamentally change the way we work and operate? What will a No vote and a move to ‘Devo Max’ mean in practice? Is there a Plan B?

As the referendum debate gathers pace, we ask a panel of experts to examine the pressing issues and set out how the new post-referendum landscape could affect you and your clients. In this publication we have drawn together a range of articles, first published on Lexis®PSL and Lexis®Library.

What are the potential implications of Scottish independence on the financial services sector in Scotland? Rod MacLeod and Hamish Patrick of Tods Murray LLP consider the issues and say a change in currency - assuming agreement cannot be reached on currency union - would have profound implications.


For the  full 32-page guide from Lexis®PSL on what lawyers need to know click on: The future of the Union: Lexis®PSL Analysis.

You can also check out top tips from the Lexis®PSL Commercial on what commercial lawyers should be keeping an eye out for now when drafting contracts. (Scottish independence: what commercial lawyers need to know)

Interviewed by Nicola Laver, Jenny Rayner and Helen Redding.

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