When Helen stabbed Rob (Part Three)

When Helen stabbed Rob (Part Three)

Crime analysis: In this third instalment, Abigail and Edward further advise Helen. Abigail Bright is a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, and Edward Grange is a partner at Corker Binning. Both are practitioners in serious crime. Helen has now been charged with the attempted murder of her husband, Rob, as Abigail and Edward had predicted was liable to happen.

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Yesterday evening, Helen was charged with attempted murder. How strong is the case against her?

Police are gathering evidence apace against Helen. The case against her is looking increasingly more difficult to defend. Arrested earlier this week for what was described by police as ‘wounding’ (they might have added ‘with intent to cause grievous bodily harm’), Helen has now been charged with attempted murder.

The strength of incriminating evidence against Helen is mounting up. Most significantly—or disastrously, some, but not us, might say—Helen admitted in her second police interview recently having said she wanted to kill Rob. She blurted that out in interview after having relied on her right to silence by answering ‘no comment’ to all questions before saying that. Listeners know she was represented in that interview by a lawyer. Listeners know she was advised by that lawyer to tell police everything that had happened to her that may be relevant to how the struggle started. Helen rejected that advice. For reasons we discuss below, we think her lawyer should have been more robust at the police station and asked police to postpone starting the interview until Helen was in a fit state to be interviewed. In any event, Helen then went on to reply ‘no comment’ to questions until she admitted to having said she wanted to kill Rob. Police elicited that admission against interest when they ‘put’ to Helen—in a series of effective, short questions—what Ursula, Rob’s mother, had told police that Helen

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