New draft standard orders issued

Two further draft standard orders have been issued:

Guidance issued by Mr Justice Mostyn states that:

  • in accordance with para 79 of the Report of the Financial
    Remedies Working Group of 31 July 2014 it is intended that these orders,
    once adopted, will have the status of forms within Part 5 of the Family Procedure Rules 2010
  • therefore, by virtue of FPR 2010, 5.1(2) these orders may be varied by the court or a party if the variation is required by the circumstances of a particular case
  • the circumstances when a variation is acceptable are undoubtedly numerous
    and departure from the standard form will not prevent an order being valid
    and binding, but the standard forms should represent the starting point, and
    usually the finishing point of the drafting exercise

The guidance can be viewed here: OMNIBUSES FOR NON-MOLESTATION AND OCCUPATION ORDERS and follows the guidance issued by the President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, on the duration of without notice injunction orders.

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