What is the collective noun for a group of arbitrators? You decide

What is the collective noun for a group of arbitrators? You decide

Meandering (as one does) through the pages of a well-known wholly-reliable website that rhymes with ‘Mikipedia’, I stumbled upon a list of collective nouns for people and got to thinking: What is the collective noun for a group of arbitrators?

So far as I can tell (vast research extending only to said ‘Miki’ page), there isn’t one. This of course leads to an inevitable conclusion—there should be. And I should choose it.

To decide on a suitable collective noun I decided to take two approaches:

1. to look at the characteristics of arbitrators, and

2. to look for the most appropriate collective noun and see if the group they described shared arbitrator's traits

Scientific? No. Good way to pass some time on the commute? Absolutely.

Characteristics of arbitrators

Starting then with the characteristics of our esteemed arbitrators—not all come from the same national, jurisdictional, social or academic background (though some would argue that too many in fact do)—led me to the following suggestions:


Collective noun

BarristersBoast, Wiggery
JudgesBench, Sentence
LawyersDisputation, Eloquence, Escheat, Greed, Huddle, Quarrel
PhilosophersConfusion, Pounder
Public speakersTwaddle

Assuming whichever collective noun I choose will of course become adopted throughout the arbitral world, I am not sure that ‘Shrivel’ ‘Twaddle’ ‘Greed’ ‘Confusion’ or ‘Damning’ really hit the right note. Perhaps time for my second approach.

Appropriate collective nouns

So, ignoring the related group, which collective nouns stood out to me as possible candidates?

Collective noun


FortitudeGraduate Students

All of the collective nouns feel appropriately respectful and, I feel, could catch on. That said, I’m not sure the ecclesiastical links to Canons or Vicars would be totally appropriate. Nor perhaps sharing collective nouns with Hermits (which would of course make them a little hard to communicate with making the arbitral process somewhat stilted).

A/n [...] of Arbitrators

So, following this ‘thorough’ analysis, my considered suggestions are:

  • A thought of arbitrators
  • A fortitude of arbitrators
  • A persistence of arbitrators
  • A boast of arbitrators
  • A bench of arbitrators
  • A worship of arbitrators

As I cannot decide alone, all views and alternative suggestions are appreciated. If we are unable to come to an agreement, well at least we know a group of people who can help us resolve it.

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