Updated court forms as at 19 June 2015

Updated court forms as at 19 June 2015

Updated versions of the following forms were published by the MOJ on Friday 19 June 2015:

N161 (Appellant’s notice)

N242A (Offer to settle)

N260 (Statement of costs (summary assessment))

N510 (Service out of the Jurisdiction)

Form N260

Minor changes:

  • a CPR reference has been added to the title
  • reference is now to Chartered Legal Executive, previously legal executive
  • reference to '4 grades of fee earners are suggested' has been removed

Guidance notes for precedent H:

  • A new sentence in para 1: ‘In the deciding the reasonable and proportionate costs of each phase of the budget the court will have regard to the factors set out at Civil   Procedure   Rules   44.3(5)   and   44.4(3)   including   a   consideration   of   where   and   the circumstances in which the work was done as opposed to where the case is heard.’
  • A change in the PD reference in para 3: ‘Costs which are not anticipated but which become necessary later are dealt with in paragraph 7.6 of PD3E’.


The form has been re done to work with the new Part 36 provisions brought into effect in April 2015.


The form has been updated to take into account the provisions which came into force in Part 6 in January 2015.

For LexisPSL Dispute Resolution subscribers, the LexisSmart forms were all updated at the date of the MOJ publish.

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