Revised Chancery Guide published

Revised Chancery Guide published

A revised version of the Chancery Guide—which contains amendments made in April 2018—has now been published by HM Courts and Tribunals Services.

The changes include:

  • amendments to contact details
  • introduction of additional Business and Property Courts (B&PCs) in Liverpool and Newcastle
  • small amends to para 8.6.2 regarding issuing claims in the B&PCs to reflect what is already in para 2.3 of the Practice Direction—Business and Property Courts and to Chapter 31 to refer to the Practice Direction—Business and Property Courts and the Business and Property Courts Advisory note.
  • amends to para 11.3 regarding agreed extensions of time for service to state that ‘no order extending time should be sought unless there are exceptional circumstances, particularly where there are no difficulties relating to service’
  • change in name from Bankruptcy Registrars to Insolvency and Companies Court Judges
  • small amends to para 15.34 regarding bundles for use at Masters’ hearings
  • a new para 18.19 relating to Chancery FDR (judge facilitated negotiation) which states that ‘Chancery FDR will usually be dealt with by a Master/Insolvency and Companies Court Judge. If, exceptionally the parties consider that the FDR hearing should take place before a High Court Judge they must seek the assigned Master’s approval to releasing the FDR to a High Court Judge’
  • a new para 25.10.4 to reflect the updated Insolvency Proceedings Practice Direction

Source: Updated guidance: Chancery guide

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