Reminder to use updated Precedent H

Reminder to use updated Precedent H

A substituted and amended Precedent H was introduced this week (from 1 September 2013) and readers are reminded that they should ensure that they use an up to date version of Precedent H. These amendments are relatively minor but seek to address issues raised by users over the past 4 months since its introduction.

Amendments to Precedent H

  • Deleting the reference to court fees in the exclusions on page  1. (This confirms the judiciary approach reported in PSL DR (available to subscribers) on 13 May 2013)
  • Changing the litigation phase Issue/Pleadings to Issue/Statements of claim to reflect the terminology in the CPR
  • Leaving lines 1 – 4 under the Fee earners time costs blank leaving users to fill in the fee earner description themselves.

Since the introduction of costs budgeting and precedent H there has been much speculation as to whether the current exemptions will continue and to what extent current issues users have with the form would be exacerbated if it were to apply to cases in the Commercial Court or those over £2 million in other courts which are currently excluded (see our piece on that consultation here).

LexisPSL subscribers should note that an interactive precedent H is available. If you are not a subscriber, please click here to find out more and to access a free trial.

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